Heroes of the Storm players seeking to silence abuse

There are people who love to play mobas are bastards who abuse other players – teammates and opponents – in the chat. This should be no surprise people. But Blizzard’s taken the unusual step of trying to silence these players in Heroes of the Storm literally.

When the next patch to play, you can report the player a variety of different behavior, including abusive chat, feeding and chat spam. If the player gets enough negative reports, chat spam or abuse, he or she will be silent for 24 hours, you can not send messages through most channels. The next player gets dinged, silence duration will be doubled and then doubled again …… …… then double again, there is no upper limit. With the new features blog article said,

This means that, who receive multiple silent punishment of players may find themselves unable to talk for a long long time.

It may not be perfect, there will still be abusive players who managed to somehow circumvent the rules, but, hey, at least they are trying!

WOW Reixa join hunting Heroes of the Storm

But what had driven someone like Ikiss, someone so gifted and respected among her order, to throw away his life? And what was that scroll he was after? How could something like that be dangerous?

The latest storm warrior hero is a familiar face to fans of Warcraft Hearthstone world. Orc half ogre Rexxar will soon look at Nexus, you can now check out his ability to preview video from Blizzard.

Rexxar is always accompanied by his faithful pet bear Misha and an important part of her in his attack. With his basic ability, he can put Misha torn and stun enemies, then treatment, when she gets low on health.

Ability enthusiast his first hero Misha even more to make her big increase her damage output, while his second release boar to produce within the scope of a boar for each enemy hero, this attack and slows its target when it hits. Ah, I do not know if this idea come from?

Rexxar (and Misha) should be a hero in a storm in the next few weeks.

Armored tanks war early review and gameplay

Early access I participate in the upcoming tanktical MMO game armored warfare (AW).
AW developers, obsidian, smart method to create a better version of world of tanks (WOT). In particular, AW is focused on solving the 3 problems of WOT:
Gold shells
The realization of Art
In this community has been discussed in the WOT Reddit thread today.
Than foreigners do war thunder obsidian is very different (WT). I skip weight completely, because I do not believe the weight will know better than the game because it is for itself, does not need to be improved or no distinction.
The early use of AW NA is $15, this is a very reasonable cost, at least than many other games, you have to pay 60 yuan + to alpha / beta tester. AW is definitely worth a look
In this article, I released a series of video coverage of AW in the early access beta. Because I know in these veterans, AW video I will discuss the similarities and differences of the mechanics in WOT and AW
If you play well, I’d like to hear your ideas, especially how to know it.
I played my first game in the M113, beginning in two tanks early access ports in a storm, in the map. I died 5 times and sixth times the damage done in a very narrow victory, only 14 HP.
We have a bachelor Christen, tourists. “Peeler spoke softly, as if he didn’t want to disturb the solemn contemplation. If he knew what the nose with his head, he will shout. “The princess will see a white crow. “Always right, he called her Princess, her father was a king. In Saline Lake, a smoky rock king, but a king. “Her fool with her.
M113 is a high DPM / low permeability auto mobile tanks. I don’t know the first time fighting it in my M113, but it is a AFV (armored fighting vehicles), so the AW reconnaissance.

Biochemical crisis 2 HD remake works

Last week, Capcom producer Yi Pinglin announced via Facebook, he began to try to convince his boss, biochemical crisis 2 HD, the transformation will be a good idea. Well, he must be doing excellent work won his boss, because Hirabayashi has just released a video on YouTube channel for the official Resident Evil confirmed transformation has been approved. Thank you for the support of fans Hirabayashi biochemical crisis and enthusiasm, revealing a T-shirt to reveal “before we do!” Yes, I think you.
Details are scarce in the game, because the game is the use of “transformation” instead of “re create” (hope), I doubt we will see the game from the ground up rebuild. Because the game is now into production, Hirabayashi pointed out, it would be “a certain period of time before Capcom announced more details, but the company” is trying to send a message to you, fans directly. ”
This stupid. He leaned on the battlements, the sea hit him at the foot of the black stone, the rough fingers. Speak mouth and prophecy in the sky. I am an old people do, as a child growing up dizzy. A lifetime to be not easily won the wisdom and he fled with his health and strength? He is a bachelor, training and bound in a great castle old town. What did he come, when science is full of his head like a farm worker ignorance?
I’m sure with a remake of fatigue, but I have to admit: Ping Lin for the project has been transmitted excited, I’m curious about this. The Resident Evil series since the 2 release of 1998 great changes have taken place. It will be like the GameCube biochemical transformation, faithfully reproduced with the original game camera angle and the game? Or will we see third people behind the plan, control, Resident Evil 4 introduction? (if it is the latter, then what kind of level to design is a necessary?)
The most important thing is: this will create a switching system of remodeling including biochemical crisis 2?
Biochemical crisis 2, biochemical crisis, biochemical crisis


It is a mixed bag of feelings going back to an MMO you convinced yourself never to return to for lack of better judgement. An MMO you once called home and then were absent from for three years, maybe looking for closure. When I played WoW between 2004 and 2010, I did like so many of us in our mid-twenties, with passion and zeal and an exclusive all-or-nothing attitude. All or nothing, that also means quitting when you feel things ain’t going your way any longer.

Warlords of Draenor is nothing I had planned on; that too was a mixed bag of spontaneous curiosity, lack of content in new MMOs like Wildstar and winter is coming. And I made it very clear to myself: This time around, it will be about me taking my time re-discovering Azeroth in peace. I will sub for one month and find out if I still like this, no pressure. I will enjoy running around incognito after all this time, minding my own business.

Everything is the same
WoD was off to a rocky start with DDoS attacks and massive server queues (how very vanilla!) making it impossible for many players to log in during the first week. After I spent launch day re-installing the game, it took another day before I managed briefly to log in for the first time in three years, finding my character standing in front of the Dark Portal, lagging horribly. After ten seconds of being unable to move like this, I got my first whisper from a very old guild mate from vanilla WoW: “SYL!”.

I disconnected right away. My game wasn’t stable and I really didn’t expect to be discovered so early into my return. But this is how it’s always been on my server – those who have been on Stormrage since 2004, the early guilds and raiders, they remember each other. And so many have come back for Draenor, it is bewildering. My friendlist shows names online I had never expected to read again. Already I find myself guilded once more in the very same raidguild I helped build in vanilla WoW, with almost its entire core and founding team back. A decade later it’s as if no time had passed at all. Sure, everyone’s gotten a bit older, some are married now and some have kids or better jobs. Everyone definitely agrees they won’t be raiding ever again but there’s much else to be enjoyed nowadays.

The player base has aged and so have Blizzard with them. Yet, on the surface everything about WoW feels and looks exactly as before. I spent my first week in Draenor getting used to and then charmed by the beauty of its dated graphics (especially in the old world) and cringing over its messy, gargantuan UI that has been so aptly compared to the old “Weasley’s house” in a conversation between Rowanblaze and Belghast. After I discovered void storage in combination with transmogging, I wasted another day on costumes until I finally felt prepared to see the world, which is why I ran straight into Elwynn Forest, love of my life. To my delight, it was not deserted and not any of the old zones I went to visit from there were either – Duskwood, Redridge, Burning Steppes, everywhere I went I saw players. After 10 years, there is still life in these old zones, I have no idea how that works.

As is tradition, I went to pay Ragnaros and Illidan my respects and announced my coming. They still dropped hunter loot mostly, so nothing has changed in that respect either. Even on the auction house, the same items that used to be expensive in vanilla are still on top of the list today (who would buy a Burning Brightwood Staff today is beyond me but I still want that blasted Greenwing Macaw!). So far, so familiar.

Everything is different
In their mushy Looking for Group documentary from this Blizzcon 2014, which has played no small part in bringing more WoW veterans back to Draenor, Chris Metzen talks about how WoW really has always been about two entities – the world and the player, and he couldn’t be more correct. The successes of this MMO are as much thanks to developers trusting their instincts as to a very passionate and creative player base that has an undying love for Azeroth. This huge and rich canvas of a world with its plethora of maps and music has been such a welcoming and ever more accessible home to players of every color and creed for years.

All the while, Blizzard have continued to re-invent themselves and I believe this is the secret of WoW’s long lasting success. With every expansion, they pushed further to offer something new to more people without dismissing the hard core entirely. Comparing WoD today to when I left three years ago, I can confirm that WoW is a changed game in so many ways, trying to keep up with increased standards, never daring to rest on its laurels. This is apparent in today’s casual and solo-friendly approach to grouping, dungeons and raids for one thing, with flexraids and bronze, silver and gold heroics. It’s the democratic spread of loot and gear models, combined with all the tier look-alikes available. It’s adding small stuff like treasure hunting similar (but more involved) to Rift, jumping puzzles like in GW2, pet battles à la Pokémon and a pseudo-housing system with private nodes, the way Wildstar has them (only in WoW, the Garrison is actually a lot more useful). The talent system has been simplified to match modern MMOs with more minimal action bars and while quests and loot aren’t FFA, important quest mobs are shared nowadays.

All of these changes and additions make WoW not just one of the most approachable MMOs today but the richest in terms of content diversity. Draenor is the pinnacle of that philosophy: jump in right away as a level 90 character, learn basic skills and talents from scratch by playing through the intro scenario (which for once ain’t in a cave!). Get some money and bags to start with and oh, we also boosted your professions so you can join for all these new quests! As for the Garrison, it might be the first example of useful ‘player housing’ with meaningful choices in over a decade.

The genius of Blizzard
In a competitive industry as this, Blizzard’s achievements are really twofold:

Making a niche genre more accessible and creating their own faithful player base in the process.
Continuously re-inventing themselves rather than resting on the laurels of vanilla WoW.
Some will say this is the mark of smart decision making and market observation over at Blizzard. However and without denying the aforementioned, another more simple answer also lies in the Looking for Group documentary where an aging core of lead designers and developers is still creating for a game “they themselves would like to play”, more casually now than in their late twenties. More mature too, giving more thoughts to their diverse target audience than before. It’s not just the players in WoW that have grown older.

And so it’s the greatest irony of all that, while so many MMO developers raced to emulate what was essentially vanilla WoW’s successes, Blizzard themselves moved on and branched out, leaving their past to others. According to the latest news WoW is back to 10 million subscribers, something that is difficult to swallow when new and shiny titles like Wildstar are struggling to maintain an audience. But who is to compete with a ten-year old AAA-fantasy themed MMO this rich and loaded on diverse content? Comparing other titles to WoW is never fair.

To be continued
As for me and Draenor, two weeks in I admit that I am charmed once more by the world of Warcraft – more patiently this time, more laidback and happy to smell the roses on the way. There is so much to do and learn for me after three years and I am not rushed to get anywhere with anyone. Most of all, this explorer is enjoying the vistas of Draenor (and there are so many beautiful ones nowadays) and a soundtrack so reminiscent of our vanilla days. Yes, for now I believe I do like this again and that is all that matters.


So, you are late to pet battles but would still like to activate that pet menagerie in your garrison? Then like me, you will require a little help!

I used to be a pet collector in WoW up until WotLK and only now that I am back for Draenor, did I start looking into the pet battle feature. I’ll be honest, I might have disregarded this entirely had it not been for that empty spot in my garrison, where 5 of my collected pets could be running around the menagerie. Well, it so happens that where there’s a will, there’s a way! I am in no rush to get to any endgame in WoW these days, so I might as well start working on that achievement. The following quick guide is based on my own research on how to –

get you started with pet battles in WoD
get your first lvl 25 pet(s) quickly
beat the pet menagerie quest “Pets versus Pests“
I am on the second stage myself still and have managed to get several lvl23 pets now within over an hour (give or take, depending on your luck in Kharazan). For step three I have spent the evening reading up on wowhead in order to find pet options for players who don’t have any “fancy beat-all” pets like Pandaren Water Spirit or Chrominius. I’m sure you could look into those but I’m generally quest-lazy and would rather just work with what I have got or can capture!

How to unlock your Pet Menagerie the Quick & Dirty Way

Step #1:
Talk to the first pet trainer in your capital city (for alliance that means Stormwind next to the Cata portals, for horde Orgrimmar) to get you started with pet battles in WoW. After this, the pet menagerie quest will appear in your garrison and you will also start seeing lots of green pet battle markers wherever you go. Choose mechanical pets for your first team because they tend to take less damage and are more beginner-friendly (some of them are dirty cheap on the AH).

The intro quests are fast after which the trainer will send you off to beat several other trainers in Elwynn and Westfall, as well as Redridge and Duskwood (as alliance). Around the Duskwood stage, your pet party should be roughly around lvl 5-6 which is enough to continue to step #2!

Step #2:
Continue using this excellent guide on how to obtain your three Arcane Eyes in Deadwind Pass and two Dragonbone Hatchlings in Dragonblight. The pets in Karazhan are found around the entrance as well as on all the upper balconies and terraces of the fort. They are not rare spawns but if more players are looking for the same thing, you might need to check back several times. Also, note the Hatchlings will come with two additional allies per fight(!) but you can still definitely do it, even if it means some of your Eyes will die and will require a rez after the fight.

A few tips: if you struggle beating the Hatchlings, aim for lvl 22 ones rather than lvl 23. Heal up after every fight (cooldown ability and stable master if you have no more bandages). Once you got a victory, start using your new pet right away!

After obtaining two Hatchlings, head straight to Pandaria for the Eternal Striders in VoEB. Continue to level up your lvl 20/21 Hatchlings (when you capture them, they lose two levels!) as well as the Arcane Eye and don’t trust the time frame in the guide – it will definitely take longer than 10mins to level 25 (maybe more like 2 hours)! Try not to let your pets die or they won’t get any EXP and keep in mind only the ones actually active in battle will gain experience. The stable master in VoEB is Jaul Hsu (I alternate between visiting him and using my own pet healing cooldown).

Step #3 (in progress):
After you got at least two pets to level 25, you can start boosting a third. There are several boost guides around the official forums but so far, I haven’t found one that doesn’t require you to already own very specific other battle pets as boosters or to be on certain parts of a questchain (if you have any other info, let me know!). This means I am likely to boost my next pets the normal way, by battling for EXP in Pandaria. Since I can battle almost all high-level pets at this point, this means I will try capture lvl20+ pets of the pet families I need instead of boosting any low-level pets.

The three encounters in “Pets versus Pests” require specific lvl 25 pet abilities to beat them. You can spend some time on that wowhead link like me to check if there’s any comment that includes pets you already have. For my own mundane setup, my picks against each boss will likely look as follows:

Carrotus: A frog and any water striders (capture some of those you are fighting as part of the first lvl25 pet).
Gorefu: 2 moths and any other pet.
Gnawface: 3 spiderlings of any kind
It appears that for some fights you’ll only require two appropriate pets and maybe any third to finish off. As for the rotations to make this a success (each pet has 6 abilities of which you can only choose 3), check the comments in the links I included.

I obviously haven’t tested this stage of the guide myself yet but it’s been verified by other players and should lead you to success in a few hours. Most importantly, it will let you skip all the other pet battling business and trainer questlines in order to unlock that lvl1 pet menagerie the quickest way! Good luck!


A voxel (volumetric pixel or Volumetric Picture Element) is a volume element, representing a value on a regular grid in three dimensional space. This is analogous to a texel, which represents 2D image data in a bitmap (which is sometimes referred to as a pixmap). [Wikipedia]

I’ll be honest and say that I never really paid attention to the term voxel before SOE revealed upcoming EverQuest Next and Landmark this fall of 2013. In my very simplified terms, I understand voxels are basically cubes on a grid for all intents of 3D-gaming purposes and they’re what makes extreme sandbox experiences à la Minecraft possible – although Minecraft is in fact NOT a voxel game and mixing up the two will get you educated swiftly enough in certain corners of the gaming world. I can’t say that I am particularly concerned with the terminologies.

Quite clearly voxels are the new megapixels and everybody has them or if they don’t, well then they’re going to! Five minutes casually spent browsing the Steam store will yield results such as upcoming Forge Quest, Castle Story and Craft the World, alongside Vox which looks a bit like Trion’s upcoming Trove, and let’s not forget Picorama’s somewhat troubled Cube World project. While most are not content to simply copy Minecraft and/or Terraria gameplay at this point, I think we can agree that we’re going to see a lot of randomly generated sandbox crafting worlds in 2014, Year of Voxels.

I guess it’s understandable that two years into Minecraft’s great success, other developers finally decided it’s time to get a part of Mojang’s cake. As someone who enjoyed MC quite a bit, especially for its high customizability via supported server and client modifications and its community inclusion, I wonder a little how upcoming voxel sandboxes will be faring. No doubt, it’s a great concept for allowing players to go wild at content creation while running on your average PC. Yet, I think the longterm challenges of running a pure, crafting oriented sandbox game, likely online, can be greatly underestimated. Depending on how profitable you would like it to be, anyway. While Minecraft made an impact on this particular market just the way WoW was able to for MMOs, such mainstream debut successes aren’t easily recreated.

There is such a thing as “sandbox fatigue” for the average traditional player who, once basic mechanics have been internalized and the dream house was built, doesn’t really know what to do or where to go from there. Randomly generated maps have a tendency to become a little blah after a while, too. Then, there is the question of how well similar titles can set themselves apart from the competition; like for MMOs, players will likely opt for one or two such games at the most. This is where the degree of freedom offered in each game, combined with innovative play modes or successfully mixing genres in new and fun ways, is going to make all the difference.

Personally, I’m unlikely to jump on the voxel train; I did tolerate Minecraft’s graphics style because as the first of its kind, it’s become an amazing milestone of player creativity. As far as longterm commitment goes however, I like my (online) worlds a little more shiny and less quadrangular, as well as a little less randomly generated. After a few months of going back to Minecraft, I also did find my personal crafting fatigue, but that’s not to say I won’t be watching the voxel trend while playing some hopefully shiny new MMORPGs soon.

So, what about the rest of the MMO sphere – are you excited for any upcoming voxel sandboxes or sticking with your guns, TESO, Wildstar and Co. next year? Or maybe both?


While the Wildstar closed beta is still running hot and more and more press footage is being released on the net (the lucky ones), players have been debating and in places worrying about the active combat and telegraph system. How comfortable does Wildstar’s combat feel compared to other active combat MMOs? How are the telegraphs gonna pan out in 40man raids?

Already in July 2013, Carbine released a devspeak introducing telegraphs, making it very clear that the most defining aspect of Wildstar combat was gonna be this: aiming. After analyzing what similar titles had done in the past, Carbine settled for a “freeform targeting” approach which, while conserving the basic tab targeting function, allows players to adjust (and miss with) their area of effect at any given time, and vice versa for enemies. The result is a fairly colorful and at times hectic bling-fest, where the player is not only trying to aim his attacks most effectively (not all parts of a telegraph deal the same damage) but reacting to enemy attacks pro-actively and dodge-rolling or strafing to get out of the really bad stuff. This makes for a rather complex and highly skill-based combat, especially where tougher challenges and PvP are concerned.

As illustrated in the devspeak, telegraphs come in various shapes, with different cast methods, ranges and synergies. They can be stationary or mobile, instant or require ramp-up times. Naturally, colors signify whether a telegraph is detrimental (red), beneficial (green) or a variety of other things players will need to internalize. This has justifiably raised questions of overlapping (telegraphs are translucent) in group play or prioritization. No doubt, telegraphs will be adjusted and tweaked for a while to come yet, before Carbine have found the perfect balance – and then there are always addons. What’s probably safe to say is that this active combat looks far from boring or the automated face-roll we know from older games.

How Wildstar combat compares to other MMOs

Not surprisingly, Wildstar’s combat is frequently compared to that of recent predecessors TERA and GW2. That is interesting because, having personally played both MMOs, their active combat falls on different sides of the same coin for me.

GW2 is hands down my favorite MMO combat to date. It is characterized by a very high mobility and character-centricity, in the sense that combat focus is less about the aiming (there is auto-attack and classic auto-aim via tab) and more prioritizing dodging and survival on the player’s end. When the stakes are high in GW2, players will always move out of the bad first while not having to worry about aiming; auto-attack can take care of such transitions for a while. Indeed, you could take your eyes off the enemy completely if need be.

TERA on the other hand, flips the coin: while there are some mobile abilities, TERA is back to classic stationary combat that won’t generally allow you to cast while running. While it combines good old feet-of-stone with dodge-rolls, it prioritizes a mob-centric focus. Special attacks and AoE aside, TERA’s active combat is all about freely aimed projectiles (via cross-hair feature) which makes for a fun change from other MMOs. Coming straight from GW2 however, I did miss my mobility. I even wondered how awesome it might be to combine the two modes.

So, where does that put Wildstar? From all I’ve seen so far studying various sources and footage, Wildstar combat falls squarely in the middle. It requires the same constant vigilance tougher GW2 encounters ask for in terms of self-management and survival, while improving on TERA’s aimed combat with telegraphs. While there are some more stationary classes such as the Esper, this new MMO is all about mobility and aiming in equal amounts!

That will take some getting used to, especially for the more laidback and lazy casters among us. I wouldn’t go as far as declaring the peaceful solo-questing routine of one-handed pewpew dead but Wildstar combat is most definitely gonna ask for more attention than many popular AAA-titles have in the past. Carbine intend to keep their combat interesting for a long time and given how combat is such a central feature for most MMOs, I don’t blame them for putting that much thought into it.

As Telwyn recently pointed out too, it’s all about finding a happy balance. We will see how the player base adjusts once the dust has settled over the Nexus and everyone has had time to learn some new tricks. I for one welcome that MMO combat is still evolving.

Armello To Be Funded By New Indie Fund Restructure

For those that don’t know, Indie Fund is a funding source that was created by already successful independent developers to help encourage people to get into the business. The restructuring is very basic; They have more developers to help fund projects, as well as allowing for said developers to change what they would like to invest in an individual project. Basically, they’ve become far more flexible!

What the flexible nature does, is allow a game like Armello to continue to exist.

Armello was a Kickstarter funded game, and is still in early access. If you’ve ever wanted a fantasy game that feels like a tabletop game, while also having strategic card play and RPG elements, as well as allowing you and up to three other people all play together, then Armello may just be for you.

There are four animal clans to play as in Armello. Rat, Wolf, Bear, and Rabbit. Each map is procedurally generated which assures that each time you play will be different.

Now, if that trailer convinced you to check it out, then you can buy it right now in early access. If early access isn’t your jam, then worry not! Armello is set for full release in September of this year on PS4 and PC.

The art style alone makes me want to play this game, But, knowing what lies behind that art style is even more tantalizing. I’m ready for a new, deep and rewarding, strategy game for me and a few friends to dive into!


Tales of Zestiria Coming West, Also to Steam

The 15th Tales game, Tales of Zestiria, will be coming west in October this year, and this confirms that with all the ports and localizations for Japanese games fans as of recent, we’ll not have to leave our homes for the rest of the year.

The news comes in the form of a press release by Bandai Namco. The release states that it will be coming to the PS4, and that its also getting a Steam release. The release also details the general plot and highlights the changes Zestiria makes to the Tales battle system.

“The Tales of series continues to connect with RPG fans searching for a pure Japanese role-playing experience. With the high adoption rate of the current generation of consoles and continued popularity of the PC platform, we are more than excited to be able to port Tales of Zesteria to the PlayStation 4 system and STEAM exclusively for Western fans across the Americas and Europe. Players will now be able to choose which platform they want to experience the Tales of Zestiria adventure on!” says Herve Hoerdt, Vice President of Marketing & Digital at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe.

Western players can look forward to Tales of Zestiria on October 16th for Playstation 3 and 4 and October 20th for Steam. You can also read the full press release here, or check out the trailer below.